Federal research grants on which I have served as PI, co-PI or methodologist.

2014--2015National Science Foundation (NSF) Applying Behavioral-Ecological Network Models to Enhance Distributed Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio 500K Khan, Al-Fuqaha, Dombrowski
2014--2017National Institute of Health (NIH) Injection Risk Networks in Rural Puerto Rico 3.1M Khan, Dombrowski
2014--2017National Institute of Health (NIH) Addressing Hepatitis C and Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Current & Future Epidemics 2.8M Hagan, Dombrowski, Khan, Braithwaite, Des Jarlais
2014--2016National Science Foundation (NSF) Towards a cellphone-based infrastructure for harvesting dynamic interaction data 250K Khan, Bakiras, Curtis, Tawfeeq
2011--2013National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Estimating the Unlawful Commercial Sex Economy in the United States 500K Dank, Khan
2009--2011National Institute of Health (NIH) Injection Drug User Network Topologies and HIV Stabilization Dynamics 736K Khan, Dombrowski
2009--2012Department of Justice (DOJ) Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the US 1.3M Rempel
2009--2012National Science Foundation (NSF) Informal Social Networks in Two Labrador Communities 562K Dombrowski, Khan
2007--2009National Security Agency (NSA) Information Acquisition and Delivery for Disaster Recovery Teams 75K Khan
2007--2011National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Retail Methamphetamine Markets in New York City 474K Wendel, Curtis, Khan, Dombrowski
2005--2007National Security Agency (NSA) Computational Aspects of Algebraic Geometry over Groups 30K Khan